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A Low-Cost Email Delivery Service

As a forward-thinking health organisation, you are probably providing your clients with engaging email content, to improve their customer experience and loyalty to your healthcare practice.

The use of e-mailing is an effective communication tool for longer forms of content in comparison to alternatives such as SMS.

However the use of bulk email CRM services, such as Mailchimp can add up. As your client base increases the cost of the email delivery service increases too.

With tight margins, email communication with your clients becomes a painful necessity. It can improve client engagement and brand loyalty, as well as optimise higher value care, albeit at a significant cost.

Email is an old technology now and these costs are unnecessarily high.

HealthAide Mail is a cheaper alternative to Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. Such services are loaded with features that are never used in the health industry.

We have reduced the cost of delivering your emails significantly by giving you the essential tools for your business. Instead focus on creating email templates, content that encourages healthy behaviours and business updates, all whilst improving your margins.

Remember that marketing to existing clients is much cheaper and more effective than trying to market to new ones who have not developed any trust or confidence with your healthcare practice.


Low-cost Service

Low-cost service

Inbox deliverability

Consistent inbox deliverability


Send up to 20K emails/month



  • Send 5,000 emails a month
  • 1 Month FREE Trial


  • Send 10,000 emails a month
  • 1 Month FREE Trial


  • Send 20,000 emails a month
  • 1 Month FREE Trial

What’s Included?

Overview Dashboard

View data on email lists, subscribers, campaigns, email templates, and recent email engagement activity in one convenient place.

Email Templates

Create your own email templates customised to your brand to meet the needs of your client base.

Campaign Management

Create autoresponder emails or regular email campaigns. Group or tag your campaigns as needed to meet your business needs.

Email List Management

Easily organise your email lists and subscribers.

Email List Tools

Sync your existing email lists and segment your subscribers.

Email Blacklist

You can block any email address from receiving any future communication by adding it to email blacklist.

Suppression Lists

Allows you omit certain clients from a campaign that may not be appropriate for them.

API Keys

Connect to external applications with an API key to improve your email marketing service.

24/7 Support (Email & Phone)

Need assistance? Just ask for help.


How do I cancel?2020-08-28T17:32:47+00:00

Simply email support@healthaide.co a minimum of 30 days before you wish to cancel the subscription and we will happily cancel it without hesitation.

Can my account be suspended?2020-08-28T17:32:53+00:00

Yes, at any time. Your account can be suspended should suspicious sending practices or poor standards be noted. There are certain good practice standards that we expect you to maintain that apply to all email delivery services. For more information, click here for terms and conditions of the service.

Do we disclose or sell your or your clients information to third party organisations?2020-08-28T17:32:59+00:00

No, we do not disclose or sell your or your clients information to third parties.

Are there any laws that I must abide by to send emails to customers?2020-08-28T17:33:05+00:00

When using the service, customers must abide by the Spam Act 2003 and ensure good practice is maintained at all times.

Is HealthAide Mail an encrypted email service?2020-08-28T17:33:12+00:00

At present HealthAide Mail is NOT encrypted and should not be used for sending personal or sensitive health information. We are working on encrypting the service and will update when the service is available.

Can I send confidential health information with HealthAide Mail?2020-08-28T17:33:17+00:00

No. HealthAide Mail is a service that should NOT be used for delivering any confidential health information, recalls, or appointment reminders.​It should only be used for general information purposes, to signpost your client base to useful resources or update them on your business.

Don’t have time to produce content this month?

If you upgrade to HealthAide Pro, you will have access to our content library, where you can download content that has been developed by health professionals, for use in healthcare and fitness.

Content in the library is free to use for HealthAide Pro customers and has been has been optimised for engagement. It can be customised with your business logo and specific call to actions.

Content includes email newsletters or infographics that can also be used in social media campaigns.

Topics are varied and range from chronic disease information to sports injuries.

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